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Leveraging Cloud IT services to address the NEW NORMAL

To navigate the new changes in today’s technology landscape businesses, need agility to maintain a competitive advantage. Only keeping up with emerging trends is not enough. IT leaders should leverage these technologies to create a unique position in the market, aim for rapid growth, and maintain business continuity, even in times of crisis. The challenge here is that there are numerous technologies, processes, and people to be dealt with for any IT decision-maker. This makes it challenging to handle functions in-house. As a result, businesses look towards IT service providers to offer their expertise, operational support, strategic guidance, and technical capabilities to address specific business challenges. The top benefits of outsourcing have been discussed in our previous blog. Read on to discover how IT decision-makers leverage IT services to address business challenges.

Need for specialized infrastructure

The cloud market has evolved quickly from a public cloud-only to a public cloud-first and now to private cloud alternatives. Because of this, many businesses are faced with the issues of fragmented and diverse technology landscapes. While SaaS and public clouds are still popular, the rise of hosted private clouds, including hybrid cloud environments, seems to be a trend that is here to stay. A key consideration for specialized infrastructure is meeting increasing customer demand, making it critical to navigate these technologies proficiently. Here, IT service providers help companies in addressing pressing questions about new technology decisions. In addition, IT service providers lend the needed expertise for enterprise-wide solutions and making infrastructure purchases. According to a recent Forrester report, as many as 80% of IT decision-makers believe IT services are critical in making new cloud purchases. This shows the reliance on IT services for specialized infrastructure know-how.

Day-to-day operations and Strategic Planning

Day-to-day operations demand a lot of resources and time for a business. In today’s context of “the great resignation”, these demands are more prominent due to limited resource availability. IT service providers can fulfill operational demands with a virtual workforce and offer the needed technical guidance for digital transformation. In many cases, supporting an in-house team is more expensive and tedious than outsourcing the business function. This gives the benefit of cost and gives access to new strategies, practices, and expertise that can be a gamechanger for any business. Outsourced teams can work alongside in-house teams to optimize resources, enhance abilities and share knowledge in a technology-driven market. A tech-forward ecosystem needs upskilling of resources to fill in technology gaps. Businesses often struggle to recruit, retain and upskill talent. This is where IT services providers help in bridging the talent hap as well as aligning with the priorities of stakeholders.

Security and compliance

A rapidly evolving technical landscape brings the danger of new security threats and attacks. IT services can enable businesses to address these threats and ensure business resilience and continuity. Addressing security issues is a challenge for any business, and IT services can provide the needed expertise to help them overcome the risks. IT service providers help identify and introduce best practices to businesses whole deploying any new technology. They can also offer current expertise for compliance to meet evolving security concerns. The best IT service providers have security on top of their minds and apply adequate security mechanisms to combat threats. The increasing faith in IT services for security and compliance is demonstrated by the fact that 72% of IT decision-makers surveyed by Forrester indicated that they need external IT resources to cover all IT security issues and identify best practices.

DIY is not an option

With emerging technologies and emerging threats, no business can handle everything independently. Therefore, it is essential to take the services of experts to maintain a competitive advantage. IT services bring in the vital skills and resources that businesses need to stay ahead of the game and be at the forefront of technology.

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